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Ultimate Mixing - Channel Strips For Logic Pro

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Product Details

Faster mixes, better results.

Ultimate Mixing is a bespoke collection of brand new channel strip presets for Logic Pro, featuring top quality processing chains for every element of your mix.

Plugging into the immense power of the Logic Pro stock plugins, the pack contains more than 50 unique custom-built mixing presets for drums, bass, guitars, synths, vocals and more.

Whether you’re an experienced mix engineer looking to get results quicker or you’re a producer looking to improve the sound of your tracks, Ultimate Mixing is designed to give you instant access to great sounds with just one single click - and without the need to spend money on expensive 3rd party plug-ins!

These chains have been inspired by a wide range of scenarios that come up when I’m mixing every single day, and I’m confident they can help everyone from seasoned pros to beginners who are looking to learn more about building great sounding tracks.

All the processing chains are completely exclusive to this pack and are not featured in either the Ultimate Pop Vocals or Ultimate Mastering packs.

The chains were built using Logic Pro 10.7.2 and I recommend you have updated to this version of Logic before installing. I have tested these chains on Logic 10.4.8 and they work fine but I cannot guarantee that will always be the case. Please make sure you are running at least 10.6.1 to ensure you have no problems using these chains.

I am unable to offer refunds for incorrect purchases so please ensure you are purchasing the correct product and have the necessary system requirements before purchasing.

Processing Included:

Advanced Compression ✓ Vintage EQ ✓ Reverb ✓ Delay ✓ De-Essing ✓ Tube Saturation ✓ Vintage Drive ✓ Vocal Widening ✓ Parallel Processing ✓ Chorus & Modulation ✓ Analog Emulation ✓ And Much More!

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