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Ultimate Mastering - Mastering Chains for Logic Pro

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This pack contains 10 unique custom mastering templates, designed to help you improve the sound of your tracks in a single click.

Ultimate Mastering was built to make mixing and mastering easy, and designed to provide a wide variety of tonal options for finalising your tracks; from gentle and subtle mastering, to colourful, saturated processing - all at the click of a mouse.

The chains contain bespoke presets for EQ, Compression, Saturation, Transient Shaping, Stereo Imaging, Professional Metering and more - all using stock plugins in Logic Pro.

These templates can suit a wide range of styles - from punchy pop to delicate acoustic, hard-hitting hip-hop to crunchy, aggressive rock music. Built using stock plugins in Logic Pro - no additional third-party plugins required! Check out the player below to hear a selection of the presets on a variety of styles.

Once purchased, you'll be emailed a ZIP file with easy-to-install instructions, allowing you to boost your creativity and improve your mixes and masters immediately.

Included in this pack:

- 10 custom designed mastering chains for Logic Pro (.cst format)

These chains contain presets, and like all presets, they should be treated as a starting point to inspire a great sounding master. Every track is different and depends completely on the arrangement, style, production, dynamic and so much more - there are countless factors that make up a great track! I’ve built these chains based on scenarios that I’ve come across over years of mixing and mastering. I encourage you to tweak the presets to taste and make them work for you.

For best results, your mix / master level should ideally not exceed much more than -8dBFS as the presets are tailored to receive a level around this sweetspot. Each chain contains the utility Gain plugin at the start of the chain in order to allow you to set your gain staging correctly. If your mix / master is too loud before activating the chains, you will likely experience unwanted artefacts from overcompression and distortion.

You may also notice that the limiter is turned off by default in each chain. This is to protect you from a sudden jump in level when enabling the chains. The limiter is there to bring your track up to a final level of -0.1dBFS and should only be engaged with your monitoring level turned down.

The chains were built using Logic Pro 10.6.1 and I recommend you have updated to this version of Logic before installing. I have tested these chains on Logic 10.4.8 and they work fine but I cannot guarantee that will always be the case. Please make sure you are running at least 10.6.1 to ensure you have no problems using these chains.

If you have any questions or issues, feel free to email me at

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