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Mixing Mastery: The Fundamentals of Mixing in Logic Pro (Video Course)

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Mixing Mastery: The Fundamentals of Mixing in Logic Pro is a comprehensive video course designed to elevate your mixing skills by delving into the fundamental principles of mixing using Logic Pro.

Mixing is not just about selecting the right EQ and compressor. All great mixes start by getting the very basics right from the beginning; it's everything from the way you prep your session files right through the small tweaks and ear candy that make your mixes pop.

In this course, we'll be mixing a track from start to finish, beginning with file management and session prep, through to EQ, compression and effects, mix bus processing and automation, right up to knowing when and how to finalise the mix, even covering how to export your mixes for mastering and how to easily create stems for things such as remixes as live performances.

If you're just starting your mixing journey and feel overwhelmed by the amount of information, tips and techniques out there, then this course is definitely for you. Even if you're further down the rabbit hole of being a mix engineer, it's often good to remind yourself of the principles of how to achieve a great mix, and that's exactly what we'll cover in this course.

As well as over 3 hours worth of video content, you'll also get access to my Logic Pro mix template used in the session as well as the raw multitracks for you to practice mixing. On top of this, I'm also throwing in some free vocal chains, master bus processing chains, and more!

🔍 Key Course Highlights:

- Setting Up Logic Pro for Mixing:

  • Unlock hidden functions and tools within Logic Pro to elevate your mixing workflow.
  • Build your own mix template to streamline your process.

- Preparing Your Files:

  • Prep your files in a proper, professional way for optimum gain-staging and performance.
  • Make your sessions easier to navigate and your mixing experience more creative

- Signal Flow and Routing:

  • Understanding the mixer window and advanced routing such as using Busses, VCAs and Aux Sends

- How To Build a Mix:

  • Discover fundamental techniques for shaping the tonal balance of individual tracks and the entire mix.
  • Understand the art of both surgical and creative EQing.

- Mix Bus Processing:

  • Explore the nuances of mix bus processing in Logic Pro
  • Master the art of giving your entire mix that professional polish.

- Vocal Production & Using Vocal Chains:

  • Deep-dive into my tried-and-tested Logic Pro Vocal Chains
  • Discover the power of parallel compression for professional sounding vocals

- Reverbs, Delays & Spatial Effects:

  • Learn how to properly use aux sends for reverbs, delays, and spatial enhancement.
  • Understand how to create depth and dimension in your mixes.

- Automation & Finalising:

  • Explore Logic’s automation tools for precise control over every element.
  • Use creative automation to add movement and expression.

- Exporting Your Mixes:

  • Explore Logic Pro's tools to easily create different versions of your mixes
  • Bounce mixes for mastering as well as create stems for live performances and remixes.

📁 What You'll Receive:

After purchasing this course, you will receive a link via email to download all the course videos and files. This download contains:

  • 16-part video walkthrough of the entire mixing process with a total of 3.5 hours worth of content
  • Full access to the Logic Pro session file of the finished mix
  • The mix template used in the session with all the audio removed, ready for you to import your own tracks for mixing
  • Access to the raw, unprocessed multitrack files for you to practice mixing
  • Free bonus chains from my Ultimate Pop Vocals, Ultimate Mastering, and Ultimate Mixing preset packs

🖥️ System Requirements:

  • 6GB free storage space
  • Logic Pro 10.7.9*
  • Quicktime Media Player (or equivalent media player)

*The projects included in the download were mixed in Logic Pro 10.7.9 so I would recommend you are using at least 10.7.9 in order to ensure there are no issues with the project files when loading. I have tested all the session files using Logic 10.6.3 and the projects load fine, but I would recommend updating if you are able to and haven’t already done so.

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