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Ultimate Pop Vocals - Vocal Chains For Logic Pro

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Instant professional vocals with just one click.

Ultimate Pop Vocals contains 30 unique custom vocal templates for Logic Pro, designed to help you up your vocal production game and achieve a killer pop vocal sound in seconds.

This pack of professional vocal chains was built to make mixing easier and provide a wide variety of tonal options for your vocals; from polished pop to saturated and edgy vocals - all at the click of a mouse.

The chains contain bespoke presets for EQ, compression, autotune, parallel processing and more - all using stock plugins in Logic Pro.

The pack isn't just limited to pop vocals either - these templates can be just as effective for Rap vocals, R&B vocals, and many many more styles. Built using stock plugins in Logic Pro - no additional third-party plugins required! Check out the player below to hear some of the presets on both male and female vocals.

The chains were built using Logic Pro 10.6.1 and I recommend you have updated to this version of Logic before installing. I have tested these chains on Logic 10.4.8 and they work fine but I cannot guarantee that will always be the case. Please make sure you are running at least 10.6.1 to ensure you have no problems using these chains.

I am unable to offer refunds for incorrect purchases so please ensure you are purchasing the correct product and have the necessary system requirements before purchasing.

Processing Included:

Advanced Compression ✓ Vintage EQ ✓ Reverb ✓ Delay ✓ De-Essing ✓ Saturation ✓ Vintage Drive ✓ Vocal Widening ✓ Parallel Processing ✓ Chorus & Modulation ✓ Analog Emulation ✓ And Much More!

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