My name is Guy Britton and I am a mix engineer working from just outside of Bath, UK.


I specialise in alternative pop and indie genres; always looking to push the boundaries and create a sound which is unique and exciting but still maintains a wide commercial appeal. 

I have helped take independent artists from unknown acts to having our work broadcast on national radio (BBC Radio 1 + 2) and TV (BBC 2, ITV) in the UK and Europe, whilst also featuring on Spotify playlists including New Music Friday and other major editorial playlists.

I love deep, modern sounding mixes that combine with interesting retro flavours.

If you are looking to create something unique, tasteful and exciting then contact me - I'd love to help.

Have a listen to my showreel and find out what you can expect from me!



So many amazing artists, bands, and producers have great songs that they've spent a lot of time and money recording but aren't quite reaching their full potential because the mixes aren't up to the standard they should be.

Do you have great songs that just need the finishing touches of a mix engineer to sound how they're supposed to sound?

Don't let a bad mix let you down.

I specialise in helping artists create mixes that are ready for mainstream radio and top tier playlisting so click below to get a mix quote and discuss your project with me!



If you're looking to discuss a mixing project then please contact me on the separate mix quote form.

For any other enquiries, get in touch below!