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My name is Guy Britton and I am a mix engineer & producer working from just outside of Bath, UK.


I specialise in pop and indie genres; always looking to push the boundaries and create a sound which is unique and exciting but still maintains a wide commercial appeal. 

I have helped take independent artists from unknown acts to having our work broadcast on national radio (BBC Radio 1 + 2) and TV (BBC 2, ITV) in the UK and Europe, whilst also featuring on Spotify playlists including New Music Friday and other major editorial playlists.

I love deep, modern sounding mixes that combine with interesting retro flavours.

If you are looking to create something unique, tasteful and exciting then contact me - I'd love to help.

Have a listen to my showreel and find out what you can expect from me!



So many amazing artists, bands, and producers have great songs that they've spent a lot of time and money recording but aren't quite reaching their full potential because the mixes aren't up to the standard they need.

I specialise in helping artists create mixes that are ready for mainstream radio and streaming service playlisting so click below to get a mix quote and discuss your project with me!


Sometimes a great record just needs the finishing touch to make it special, and this is where mastering comes in.

I pride myself on only doing what's necessary in mastering - adding the final touches to wrap up a great sounding record and delivering masters that are ready for radio and streaming services.

I offer a free mastering sample which allows you to get a feel for how I can improve your track. Click below to book a free mastering sample!



If you're looking to discuss a mixing project then please contact me on the separate mix quote form.

For any other enquiries, get in touch below!