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Session Breakdown: Deconstructing An Indie Rock Mix - Full Video Course

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Session Breakdown

In this 8 part video series I break down the entirety of a mix session for Head’s Not Grown by Phreakers - a punchy uptempo indie rock track that I produced and mixed.

We look at all aspects of drum processing, using live drums, samples, and parallel processing as well as breaking down the signal chain on my drum bus. I show you my secret weapons for great guitar tones; the entirety of my vocal processing chains; my tried and tested mixbus with a combination of software and hardware, along with much much more.

As well as showing you techniques for better mixes, I also break down production decisions and share some insight into why we chose to do what we did with the track.

You’ll get access to over an hour’s worth of content, broken down into 8 parts to make it easier to follow, meaning you can easily pick it up from where you left off.

Chapters include:

  1. Introduction
  2. Drums - Individual tracks + drum bus processing
  3. Bass - Bass guitar + Synth bass
  4. Synths - Using synths for texture
  5. Electric Guitars - constructing an arrangement
  6. Lead Vocals - vocal chain, parallel processing + FX sends
  7. Backing Vocals - double tracks, harmonies,sitting them in the mix + the relationship with the lead vocal
  8. Mix bus processing - using a combination of software and hardware

What you will receive
After purchasing this course, you will receive a ZIP file containing 8 videos in .mp4 format (438MB in total) which can be downloaded directly to your device.

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