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Ultimate Vocal Chains - Waves Edition

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The Ultimate Vocal Chains - Waves Edition is a collection of bespoke custom vocal chains built for Waves StudioRack users giving you access to pristine, professional vocal chains at the click of a button.

These presets have been designed with modern Pop, Hip Hop and R&B vocals in mind but can be equally as effective with vocal tracks from Rock, Indie and all sorts of other genres.

The pack is built specifically by me based on a range of scenarios I come across every day when mixing and features a range of Class-A processing including advanced compression techniques, console-style EQ, Tape Saturation, Deep Reverbs and Delays and much more - all designed to give you immediate access to studio quality vocal processing.

The chains will work in any DAW, so long as it is compatible with Waves StudioRack v11 or higher and providing you own the plug-ins listed below.

Take Control

Each chain loads straight into the free StudioRack plugin and features a range of high quality processing including parallel compression and built-in FX returns, all made easily modifiable using handy macro controls.

Endless Customization

Have other Waves plug-ins that you like to use? No problem. You can tweak my settings or modify the chains to include any other Waves plug-ins of your choice!

Plug-in Requirements

The following plug-ins are required to run these vocal chains. Please note, the plug-ins are not included in the purchase:
- Waves StudioRack v11 or higher
- Waves Platinum Bundle
- Waves CLA-2A
- Waves CLA-3A
- Waves CLA-76
- Waves Trans-X
- Waves API-560
- Waves Kramer Master Tape

I am unable to offer refunds for incorrect purchases so please ensure you are purchasing the correct product and have the necessary system requirements before purchasing.

This product is in no way endorsed or supported by Waves Audio.

guybritton · Ultimate Vocal Chains - Waves Edition

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