Ultimate Vocal Chains - Waves Edition

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The Ultimate Vocal Chains - Waves Edition is a collection of brand new custom vocal chains built for Waves plug-in users. Each chain is built specifically by me based on a range of scenarios I come across every day when mixing.

These templates give you access to pristine, professional vocal chains at the click of a button.

Take Control
Each chain loads straight into the free StudioRack plugin and features a range of high quality processing including parallel compression and built-in FX returns, all made easily modifiable using handy macro controls.

Endless Customization
Have other Waves plug-ins that you like to use? No problem. You can tweak my settings or modify the chains to include any other Waves plug-ins of your choice!

Plug-in Requirements
The following plug-ins are required to run these vocal chains. Please note, the plug-ins are not included in the purchase:
- Waves StudioRack v11 or higher
- Waves Platinum Bundle
- Waves CLA-76
- Waves Kramer Master Tape

This product is in no way endorsed or supported by Waves Audio.

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