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Ultimate Vocal Chains - Slate Edition (for Virtual Mix Rack)

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Product Details

The Ultimate Vocal Chains - Slate Edition is a collection of bespoke custom vocal chains built for Slate Virtual Mix Rack plug-in users giving you access to top class, professional vocal chains, bringing even more power to your mix racks.

This pack is inspired by a wide range of mixing scenarios that I come across every day when working on tracks and is built from the foundations of my super popular Ultimate Pop Vocals pack; this time harnessing the incredible sound of the Slate Digital plugins.

These presets have been designed with modern Pop, Hip Hop and Indie Rock vocals in mind but can be equally as effective across a whole range of genres.

Ultimate Vocal Chains features a range of Class-A processing including advanced compression techniques, console-style EQ, tube saturation, harmonic exciters and much more - all designed to give you immediate access to studio quality vocal processing.

The chains will work in any DAW, so long as it is compatible with Slate Virtual Mix Rack.

Hot Swapping

Like the sound of a chain but prefer a different compressor or EQ? No problem. You can immediately swap in and out any plug-ins within Virtual Mix Rack to suit your needs!

Presets Included

  1. Airy Lead Vocal - smooth compression and saturation with a super open top-end to give your vocals some extra sweet airyness
  2. Big Present Pop - tight compression and punchy EQ bringing presence and weight to any lead vocal
  3. Color Me In - a series of vintage processors to bring some analogue flavour and warmth to your vocal
  4. Indie Rock Lead - fast compression and hard-driven tube saturation, perfect for an edgy indie rock sound
  5. Nice & Natural - subtle yet effective compression, EQ and saturation to enhance any lead vocal whilst maintaining a natural flavour
  6. On The Phone - that classic telephone effect
  7. Real Intimate - tight compression with a silky smooth top end to bring your vocal right up to the listener's ear
  8. Straightforward Pop - a classic tried-and-tested pop vocal chain which never fails to deliver
  9. Tight Rap Lead - a combination of vintage console compression and modern FET presence to bring aggression and forwardness to any rap lead
  10. Up Close & Edgy - an intimate sounding vocal chain with more than a hint of tube saturation

Plug-in Requirements

Slate Virtual Mix Rack is required to run these vocal chains along with all of the following modules (please note, Virtual Mix Rack and the modules listed below are not included in this purchase):

AirEQ Air
Custom Opto
FG-116 (Vintage, Modern, Standard)
FG-DS 902
Gate: Classic
Hollywood, London & New York (Virtual Tube Collection)

I am unable to offer refunds for incorrect purchases so please ensure you are purchasing the correct product and have the necessary system requirements before purchasing.

This product is in no way endorsed or supported by Slate Digital.

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