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Before sending songs to be mastered, it's important to do some preparation to make sure the files are correct and are able to be mastered to the best possible standard. Below are some instructions for sending me your files, feel free to drop me an email at if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to clarify anything you’re unsure of!

  • Please send a 24-bit stereo .WAV or .AIFF file at the sample rate the track was recorded at (MP3's will not be accepted)

  • Remove any limiter(s) from the master bus

  • Remove any 'quick mastering' from the master bus (i.e. Izotope Ozone presets, or preset master bus processing in your DAW)

  • Please leave at least -4dB of headroom in the mixdown (this means your mix should peak no higher than -4dBFS on the stereo output in your DAW)

  • If you have any special requirements (i.e. fade outs, fade ins etc) then please include a note with your file detailing this

  • You may send additional instrumental versions, acapella versions, or radio edits for mastering but please email me to discuss this first

  • Please send all files via email to using WeTransfer, Dropbox or Google Drive including your artist / band name and track title

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