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Here is a quick guide for sending over Logic Pro X projects to me for production and/or mixing:


1. Please make sure all tracks are named correctly and that the session is organised. Remove any tracks from the session that are definitely not going to make the final cut. 

2. Use the 'notes' section to include any notes on tracks or ideas that you think are relevant to the production.

3. If you are using any third-party VST instruments, please also include a bounce-in-place audio file of the instrument as well as the original MIDI track. This is useful incase you are using VST instruments that I do not own.

4. If you are using any third-party plugins for processing / FX, please write this in the 'notes' section in Logic. 

5. Please save the file as a folder not as a package. Go to File > Save As and select 'folder'. Make sure you also check the 'Audio Files' and 'EXS Instruments & Samples' boxes under 'Copy the following files to your project'. Double check the Audio Files folder within your project in Finder to make sure all of the relevant audio files are in the folder. This will ensure that the all relevant files are included in the project and nothing is missing when I download it.

6. Once you have the session file organised as above and saved as a Folder, send me the file using WeTransfer or, if the file is too big to send via WeTransfer, compress the project folder to a ZIP file and upload it to Google Drive. Please send all files to

If you have any questions about the above, or any extra requests then just drop me an email!

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